The X-Pulse Loyalty Rewards Program, "X-Pulse", is a free smartphone app that is designed to reward enrolled Xavier students for their attendance and support of Xavier Athletics. Students who utilize the X-Pulse app will earn a certain amount of points depending on which events they attend and can collect prizes once a level is surpassed.

Students will have the opportunity to sign up for X-Pulse by downloading the free mobile app onto their iPhone or Android device, or by visiting www.X-PulseRewards.com. Members of the program will then "check in" to all home events that they attend using the X-Pulse app and will accumulate points based on meeting the required criteria. This app is a fun and easy way to get the entire student body involved in all Xavier athletic events.


How many points are available for each sport?

Sport/Event Points
Men's Basketball 10
Musketeer Madness 10
Other Events (TBD) Varies
Baseball 15
Men's Soccer 15
Volleyball 15
Women's Basketball 15
Women's Soccer 15

Do I have to be a student to use X-Pulse?
Yes. In order to be eligible for prizes, you must be a Xavier student. Students must enter their valid Xavier Banner ID number in their profile.

What if I don't have a smartphone?
There will be an iPad or smartphone at the X-Pulse station at every athletic event that allows students without a smartphone to check in to the event.

How do I unlock a prize?
Go in to the X-Pulse app. Click the "Awards" icon. It will then show you how many points you have earned and how to unlock rewards.

How do I redeem my points for a prize?
Once you unlock an award, you will receive a notification with information on how to pick up your reward.

How does X-Pulse know that I'm actually at the event?
There is a geo-fence around each sporting complex. X-Pulse uses your smartphone's GPS to locate itself inside the fence. Students must physically be at an athletic event to earn the points!

Who can I contact with any questions or concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns about the X-Pulse program please feel free to contact the X-treme fans at


How to Unlock Rewards
Attend 4 Men's Soccer Games Noodles & Company FREE entrée (1st 200 people to unlock)
Attend 4 Women's Soccer Games Qdoba FREE entrée (1st 200 people to unlock)
Attend 6 Volleyball Games Pizza party with the team after a game (1st 200 people to unlock)
Attend 4 Women's Basketball Games Noodles & Company FREE entrée (1st 200 people to unlock)
Attend 10 Men's Basketball Games Mini autograph basketball (1st 200 people to unlock)
Attend 6 Baseball Games Wooden mini bat with Xavier logo (1st 200 people to unlock)
Earn at least 250 points $10 Stones Lanes gift Card (1st 25 people to unlock)
Earn at least 350 points $50 Marathon Gift Card (1st 3 people to unlock)
Grand Prize Top Point-Earner for the 2014-2015 academic year will receive an IPad Mini or IPad Air as of May 1, 2015.