Danielle Skrajewski - Junior - Downington, Pa.


Nov. 3, 2005

As part of the new and improved athletics website at GOXAVIER.com, the Student Athlete of the Week Driven by Toyota will profile a different XU student-athlete each week. This feature will allow all Xavier supporters to learn a little more about the outstanding student athletes that attend Xavier University.

Danielle Skrajewski, a junior outside hitter on the women's volleyball team, took some time after practice on Wednesday afternoon to discuss various topics on the season and life as an XU volleyball player. Skrajewski just ended a streak of seven straight matches with a double-double and has the Musketeers positioned in second place in the Atlantic 10 West Division at the moment with an 8-3 mark. She was selected to the A-10 All-Conference team last season, is second on the team this season with 3.25 kills per game and third with 2.76 digs per game.

Question - What are your thoughts on the season up to this point and what are you looking forward to?

Danielle Skrajewski - The season has had its ups and downs but I am looking forward to what is to come because our team is going to come together well. Great things will happen when we all come together. I am looking forward to this weekend because it is a big weekend and especially A-10's coming up.

Question - What has it been like to play volleyball here at Xavier?

DS - Intense. Fun, exciting, hard working, emotional...all of it. It has also been good because you also have a lot of advantages. We get a lot of good things that we are thankful for.

Question - Statistically, this has been one of your best seasons so far in you career, what has been the difference this season compared to past seasons?

DS - I'm older. I have learned from my mistakes from past years. My freshman year it was definitely hit me like a brick wall with how fast everything was and last year I had to figure out my game mentally. This year I am working on both. I would credit it to being here for three years and learning from my mistakes.

Question - Describe what it is like to play at Cintas Center?

DS - Unbelievable. It is one of the reasons why I came to Xavier. It is amazing having the fans and parents around you in this gorgeous arena. You go to other places and it is not like that. We have the best fans.

Question - With all of the travel and time commitments involved with being a Division I athlete, how have you managed to maintain such a good GPA?

DS - Time management...all of the time. If I mess up, then I have to put my nose to the grindstone for however long it is needed. You have to go to class, get your stuff done, study and you will be okay.