Postgame Quotes

Dec. 6, 2009

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Head Coach Kevin McGuff

Thoughts of winning the Crosstown Shootout:

"It's always great to win the Crosstown. The kids played really hard today. Our pressure and intensity on the defensive end forced them into a lot of turnovers that made easy baskets for us."

Key to the game:

"We played hard and we have a lot more depth than they do, which I thought was a key to this game."

Size advantage:

"We are just much bigger in the low post. They had a good plan to come double, but we were able to move the ball."

On Tyesha Moss:

"She's off to a great start this season. She is playing well for us and I'm excited for her."

On the school record 7-0 start:

"We have a chance to be special. We played really well at times today. We have a long way to go to really be special and there a lot of challenges ahead. We look good in stretches but we need to look good in longer stretches."

Red-shirt junior forward Amber Harris

On the defensive pressure that caused UC turnovers:

"We're bringing more energy and intensity on the court. We came out strong and wanted to win and fight. We played tough defense that cost them to throw away the ball."

Sophomore guard Tyesha Moss

On winning the Crosstown Shootout:

"Last year they beat us over [at UC]. They are down the street from us, so we have to see them every day if we head over there or go to see friends. We want to bring the win back to Xavier. It's definitely a rivalry game. We've been hungrier for this game than any other game we've won [this season]."

Why team is doing so well this season:

"We have better chemistry and we know what we are each good at. When it's game time we know what to do for certain people to make them go."

On the school record 7-0 start:

"It's a big deal but after you see it, you have to keep playing because it's not going to mean anything if we don't sustain it."

Freshman guard Katie Rutan

On her first Crosstown Shootout experience:

"I didn't know it was going to be that intense. I am a part of it now and can see why it's a rivalry. It was great to be a part of."

University of Cincinnati Head Coach Jamellle Elliott

On Xavier:

"Xavier is a really great team. Kevin and his staff prepared their kids well."