Men's Basketball Dons New Uniforms

Redford displays Xavier's new uniform.

Redford displays Xavier's new uniform.

Sept. 24, 2010

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CINCINNATI - Xavier University's men's basketball program unveiled its new style game jerseys and shorts for the upcoming season. It's the first uniform designed by Nike under Xavier's new five-year Nike NTS Contract.

The Nike NTS Contract, which covers customized uniforms, gear and equipment, is the highest level of Nike Contract you can obtain without winning a basketball national championship. The 30-35 schools at this level currently include Texas, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh and Florida State. Xavier is one of only six schools without BCS football that are at the NTS level, joining Gonzaga, Marquette, Saint John's, Georgetown and Villanova.

"This is another important part of what sets Xavier apart as an elite basketball program," said Xavier head coach Chris Mack. "Our players love the new uniforms and I know our fans will as well."

Nike has designed Navy, White and Gray versions of the new uniforms. In addition, Nike will produce a Throwback jersey for use in one of Xavier's nationally-televised home games.

"The Xavier program has had a terrific relationship with Nike Basketball since 2001," said Mack. "This promotion further represents our commitment to them as well as their commitment to us."

Nike is also producing official replica jerseys in the new design, including kids sizes. They are expected to be available in late October, at least a week prior to the first exhibition game on Nov. 2.