Xavier University Musketeers vs. No. 19 University of Cincinnati Bearcats

Dec. 13, 2009

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Xavier University Musketeers vs. No. 19 University of Cincinnati Bearcats

Sunday, December 13, 2009, Cintas Center, Cincinnati, Ohio


Game Quotes

 Cincinnati Players

Deonta Vaughn

“It’s very tough. I couldn’t wait to play at their home and beat them. To lose to Xavier your last time playing them, it’s very tough.”

“We lost it at the free throw line. And when we got there, we just couldn’t make them. Two games in a row we’ve lost on account of free throws.”

Lance Stephenson

On Terrell Holloway

“We’ve been going at it since high school. He’s a good player.”


Xavier Players

Terrell Holloway

“We knew this was a big game. We’ve been shooting a lot of free throws individually outside of practice.”

“Lance [Stephenson] was my teammate when I was 14. So it was two New York City kids going at it.”

On his three-point play to force a second overtime

“I was just thinking about trying to get a basket.”

Jason Love

“Like TuTu [Terrell Holloway] said, it’s a big game. Being a senior and going out the right way, 3-1. It’s my fourth year being in it. I can’t think of a better way to go out. I’m so proud of our guys.”

“I thought it was just a matter of time before we got it together. We finally got it done tonight.”

Dante Jackson

“The Bengals are good now, so it took a little of luster away. Our coaches coached us and taught us like it was just another game. The extra stuff is for the media and the bloggers. How many times did the officials pull us apart? Both teams wanted to win.”

“Composure. Coach [Chris] Mack mentioned the word composure several times.”

Jordan Crawford

“They tried to come in here and be the bullies. We wanted to be the bullies. We weren’t going to back down.”


Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin

On free throw shooting

“It’s not that simple. We missed layups. You can only play so much defense. The other team has pretty good players.”

“The things we do defensively late in the game, we didn’t do [tonight], like rotate. You’ve got to close out the game. Still, we had the lead and then we had a turnover. We’re not finishing on the interior, although Yancy [Gates] played well in the second half.”

On Lance Stephenson

“He played pretty well [although] I thought he gave [Terrell] Holloway some open shots.”

On the technical fouls in the first half

“My guys lost their cool. We were concerned about everything except executing offensively and defensively. We went from up seven [points] to down five [points] at half. We made some adjustments offensively and got the ball to the rim. But we didn’t finish the game.”


Xavier Head Coach Chris Mack

“A Shootout to remember. I told our kids in the locker room that that was one of the best Shootouts I’ve ever been involved in. I’m happy for our young team. They’ve been taking a lot of bullets this past week. We certainly needed a win against a quality opponent.”

“The intensity of this game. The rivalry, it’s unique. I was on Tobacco Road a number of years. But this game is unique. It’s always going to be an intense game.”

On Terrell Holloway

“I’m extremely proud of Terrell. He worked harder than any kid I’ve been around in the off-season. He was sensational tonight. He took some ill-advised shots but he made a couple of them and he did it out of toughness.”

On Lance Stephenson

“He’s a very good player. Terrell went that route, believe it or not. Terrell came into the huddle and said ‘I got him.’ He said ‘I’m from New York City.” I said, ‘I’m from Cincinnati. Go get him.’”

"I was really happy with how our guys shot free throws tonight. They were really locked in. We got into the bonus early in the second half. It’s nice – you can make points without having to really run offense. It was great to see our kids knock them down when it counts.”

“Half my family hates Xavier. They root for UC. It’s a great rivalry, and an electric atmosphere.”