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Xavier University Musketeers vs. Charlotte 49ers
Wednesday, March 3, 2011, Cintas Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Game Quotes

Charlotte Head Coach Alan Major

"Congratulations to Chris [Mack] and his team. They've had a great year, playing a short bench. They have some iron men."

"Dante [Jackson] made some huge threes to give them some separation [in the first half]."

On Xavier
"They're an example of what we want to become at Charlotte."

"They've got good balance throughout the starting five. Tu [Holloway] is like the quarterback. Mark [Lyons] is like the running back and had a nice game. Dante [Jackson] is like a slot receiver and had a nice game. McLean is like a tight end and had a nice game. Kenny Frease is like the other tight end and had a nice game."

Xavier Players

Dante Jackson

On being the game's leading scorer

"Tu [Holloway] came out today and decided to be a facilitator. Thanks to him."

"We wanted it [to win] so bad. As the game settled down, we began making plays."

"Tu [Holloway}and Cheeks [Mark Lyons] do a great job. They just wanted me to shoot the ball. They tell me that all the time."

Jamel McLean

On Xavier's fifth straight A-10 title
"It was an exciting moment. It was just a couple years ago that I saw Stanley Burrell and Josh Duncan hold that sign up."

Xavier Head Coach Chris Mack

"I couldn't be more proud of a group of kids who continue to believe in themselves, in the coaching, and in the system we have here."

"Kenny [Frease] and Jamel [McLean] have been a huge presence on the block. They complement each other well. We have really struck a balance. At what point? I think you can point to the Rhode Island game."

On the slow start tonight
"Their energy level and their commitment to winning were all there. I know for a fact we didn't overlook Charlotte. There's all the confetti and the boxes of T-shirts in my office - unfortunately there's a lot of distractions."

"You've heard me say that [each game] is 1/16th of a championship. And no one understands that better than our guys."

"I thought we did a really good job tonight on the offensive boards - 18 offensive rebounds."