Projects, Scholarships and Endowments

Before anything else, the All For One is committed to raising unrestricted funds for our mission and goals. While we hope many of our other projects will also appeal to you, we hope every year you will make a gift to the Annual Fund Drive.

For information on how to set up an endowment or scholarship, please contact Brian Maley at 513-745-3315 or

  • Endowed gifts range from $100,000-$1 million or more

Sister Rose Ann Fleming Endowment
This endowment was established to ensure the academic support necessary to continue the high level of academic advising our student-athletes benefit from. This fund is named to honor Sister Rose Ann Fleming who is nothing short of a legend on Xavier's campus. She has served as academic advisor to student-athletes at Xavier for over 25 years. During her tenure at Xavier, she has ensured every senior men's basketball player during her time at Xavier, earned their diploma. A feat in division-one college basketball that is virtually unmatched. To ensure her level of world-class support indefinitely, Xavier must secure funding to continue providing the best in academic advising for Xavier student-athletes.

"Athletes have a learned experience from athletics of giving 110%, of never giving up, of playing until the buzzer rings, of emptying themselves to attain a greater good. Why not transform these athletes as students into goal seeking scholars?" Quote from Sister Rose Ann Fleming.

Basketball Excellence Fund -Xavier's goal for the men's basketball program is clear: Compete for and win a national championship while maintaining academic and ethical standards. Given the increasingly competitive basketball environment in which Xavier competes, such success requires an increasingly great financial commitment to the program. The Basketball Excellence Fund has a dramatic impact on the future success of the men's basketball program. Appropriate funding allows Xavier to build the financial foundation necessary to compete for a national championship, and to do so with honor and integrity. The Basketball Excellence Fund provides valuable resources for a variety of needs: Team support/operations, recruiting, special tournaments, coaching staff & much more.

Jim and Mary Brockhoff Scholarship -The Brockhoff family is well known in the tennis community within Cincinnati. In honor of the legendary Xavier Tennis coach, a scholarship was set up in him and his wife's name. This scholarship fund will allow the tennis program to offer more scholarship opportunities to deserving student-athletes within the tennis program.

To give to any of the above athletic projects, please contact Mike Dunn at 513-745-3223 or or Brian Maley at 513-745-3315 or