All For One Advisory Board

Mission, goals and responsibilities of the boardThe All For One Advisory Board is comprised of many of the most loyal Xavier Athletics supporters, who beyond their financial commitment to the Musketeers, have a desire to see the All For One grow in membership and resources.

Primary Purposes:

  • Primary role is to help secure significant contributions and new members to the AFO Club
  • Secondary role is to serve as a sounding board for AFO leadership and athletic administration

Expectations of Each Member:

  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Present new prospects, information about the prospect and a possible strategy for engaging them with AFO.
  • Provide leadership, ideas and leads on athletic department initiative and capital projects
  • Be informed and aware of Xavier Athletics and AFO projects and priorities and work to help achieve them
  • Be at a minimum $1000 giving level
  • Term on the board is for 3 years, beginning with this year. After 3 years, a member can be asked to serve another term.

If you are interested in joining the AFO Advisory Board, please contact Seth Breitenstein at 513-745-3572 or

Board Members and Contact Info

Jon Beres '06
John Carey '79
George Joseph '86
Byron Larkin '88
Christi Mack
Martha Schueler
Tom Sedler '56
Chris Stagnaro
Joe Sunderman, Jr. '08
Maggie Meyer Vagle '08