All For One Donor Spotlight - Brian Bowsher, `07

2007 Xavier graduate and All For One Club member Brian Bowsher

2007 Xavier graduate and All For One Club member Brian Bowsher

Dec. 5, 2012

CINCINNATI - Brian Bowsher, an All For One Club member and 2007 Xavier University graduate, continues to follow the Musketeers despite his distance from Cincinnati. Brian currently works for Miami University in Coral Gables, Fla., in digital media for the athletic program.

Upon graduating, Bowsher began donating to the All For One Club in 2008 as a way to give back and show appreciation for creating some of his fondest memories and fostering his college experience with great friendships.

One example of those experiences Brian recalls was during his junior year watching Xavier men's basketball win over Cincinnati in 2006. Bowsher was more than a college student and basketball fan. He was also a director for the Extreme Fans Club on campus which promotes all of the athletic teams at Xavier. Brian's favorite Xavier player is Justin Cage, the power forward from the 2003-07 men's basketball team. Bowsher described Cage as an athlete who was approachable; he lived a few doors down from Brian in his residence hall and had classes with him.

What makes the All For One Club and Xavier athletics so special to Brian is the effort and focus of the athletic department is to make the athletes students first. He mentioned that a lot of other universities create an atmosphere where the focus is not academics whereas Xavier builds a connection between coaches and academic advisors so that the student-athletes can excel on the court and in the classroom.

Brian encourages all to donate to the All For One Club reminding everyone that, "Every little bit counts whether it's five dollars a month or 10 dollars a month, it absolutely makes a difference."