Xavier University Athletics Unveils Ambitious Strategic Plan

Academic success is a big part of the strategic plan.

Academic success is a big part of the strategic plan.

May 27, 2014

CINCINNATI --- Xavier University Athletics, which entered a new era in the BIG EAST Conference a year ago, has unveiled a comprehensive strategic plan entitled MAGIS that will guide the department into the future with a focus on excellence in academics and athletics. An 18-member committee, which included faculty, staff, students and alumni, assisted in the year-long process to develop the plan. The document includes goals and objectives that point toward success for Xavier Athletics - academically, competitively, externally and financially.

“Strategically building and nurturing an athletic program through a strategic planning process works,” said Xavier University President Michael J. Graham, S.J. “As other schools of Xavier’s size face uncertain futures and struggle to find a place in an increasingly competitive market, the benefits derived from our Jesuit tradition and strategic direction for Xavier Athletics give us an undeniable edge.”

“This is our road map as we continue our entry into the BIG EAST,” said Xavier University Athletic Director Greg Christopher. “Athletics must be prepared to play an important role in helping Xavier reach its goals by fully aligning its mission with the University mission. That is the reason for the MAGIS title for our strategic plan. Nothing captures the aspirational goals of the institution or our 280 student-athletes better than MAGIS. Continued growth and improvement.  Always striving to be better. Xavier’s student-athletes live this daily, achieving at a high level academically, serving the Greater Cincinnati community and chasing championships while representing Xavier.”

The vision for Xavier Athletics is to enhance Xavier’s identity, visibility and brand by building the premier athletics program in the BIG EAST Conference. The mission of Xavier Athletics empowers student-athletes to excel academically, athletically and spiritually. Athletics serves as a platform for national exposure and a vehicle for student, faculty and staff, alumni and community pride and engagement. 



The vision and mission of Xavier Athletics are based on Xavier University’s Jesuit core values of learning, reflection, integrity, achievement and solidarity for and with others. These Jesuit, core values are integrated into each annual goal outlined in the Athletic Strategic Plan: Student-Athlete Success, Athletic Success, Visibility and Branding, Engagement, Financial Sustainability and Integrity, Equity and Diversity.

The goals of The Strategic Plan for Xavier Athletics are aggressive, including an annual five percent growth in external revenues as well as a reduction in University subsidy by 10 percent each year with an ultimate goal of being operationally self-sufficient.

The visibility and branding and the engagement goals go hand in hand, including everything from an increase in the presence of Xavier branded merchandise in off-campus retails stores to an increased annual attendance at Cintas Center for all events to 500,000. That number includes a goal of selling out every men’s basketball home at Cintas Center, which has a current listed capacity at 10,250. All of these goals will also support the goal of increased revenue.

Academic and athletic success stands at the forefront of the entire plan. The athletic success goals cover all 18 sports with specific expectations of post-season play and success in the flagship sports of men’s and women’s basketball. The academic success goals target a minimum NCAA GSR (Graduation Success Rate) of 95 percent with a goal of 100 percent, while maintaining an overall student-athlete GPA of 3.0 or better.

“Our new plan is aspirational,” said Christopher. “We need the entire University community, including all of our coaches, student-athletes, faculty and staff and everyone in Xavier Nation to commit to this if we are to realize its full potential for the University.”