Where Are They Now - Matt Spagnoli, Men's Soccer 1990

AFO donor Matt Spagnoli was a record-setting goalkeeper at Xavier from 1986-90.

AFO donor Matt Spagnoli was a record-setting goalkeeper at Xavier from 1986-90.

April 24, 2013

CINCINNATI - From 1986 to 1990, the Xavier men's soccer team included record keeping goalie Matt Spagnoli. Recruited by Vince Pecoraro and coached by Jack Hermans, Matt enjoyed every part of being a Division I soccer player.

First, being able to compete at the top college level was one of Spagnoli's early goals to accomplish.Some of the most exciting games to compete in for Matt were of course rival schools of the Musketeers. He details, "UC was always the biggest game of the year followed by University of Dayton and Miami of Ohio. You would see the players from the other teams all year long around town and you just wanted to beat them." Being able to play games in venues like the Horseshoe at Ohio State and Mountaineer Stadium at West Virginia University was especially exciting for Matt and fostered a lot of great memories.

Next to the competition were the experiences he shared with his teammates. Matt explained, "There is nothing like the camaraderie of being a part a team. These guys were and still are some of my best friends. We still reminisce about all the good times we had on and off the field." As mentioned before, Matt received many awards during his tenure at Xavier and continues to hold goalkeeping records for Xavier University. ¬

Being a student-athlete aided Matt to focus and manage his time better. It forced him to balance time between soccer and his class schedule. Today working as a regional sales manager for Hutchinson Technology Inc., he also devotes time to coaching. Spagnoli expresses, "Every day I look back at Xavier on the field and in the classroom and it definitely prepared me for life."

When asked why he became an AFO donor, Matt realized he benefited a lot from Xavier and wants to give back. He encourages all to, "Try to give back and still be a part of the Xavier community anyway you can."