Help Xavier Student-Athletes Pursue Excellence

Xavier women's soccer player Katie Schweer.

Xavier women's soccer player Katie Schweer.

March 21, 2013

Katie Schweer, a senior women’s soccer player recently said, “Xavier is in my blood.” Xavier University has continued a commitment to excellence in every aspect including in the athletic department across all sports. Student-athletes like Katie are giving the opportunity to compete at the highest level both in the classroom and on the playing fields. See the rest of Katie’s story.

Many of these opportunities could not happen without scholarship and program support from individuals committed to university. Private funding allows many of Xavier’s athletic programs to succeed in the commitment to excellence. By making a contribution to the All For One Club helps shape the future of these unique Xavier University students by supporting the development of your athletic department.

Based on a long-standing tradition of success, our pride grows with each tournament won, each record broken and each student-athlete that goes on to lives of solidarity, service and success. As a member of the All For One Club, you're making a difference in the life of a student-athlete and continuing our winning tradition. With you, we are ALL FOR ONE.

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