AFO Feature: Where Are They Now - Jerry Foley '75

All For One Club member and former men's basketball player, Jerry Foley '75

All For One Club member and former men's basketball player, Jerry Foley '75

Jan. 11, 2013

Where Are They Now - Jerry Foley `75

Jerry Foley was a 1975 graduate of Xavier University and member of the men's basketball team. He became a part of Musketeer nation in 1972 as a transfer student from Ohio State. Jerry was quickly introduced to the community atmosphere offered at Xavier stating, "One of X.U.'s strong assets is its size. I always felt it presented the opportunity to meet and know many of your fellow students in a family atmosphere."

Graduating with a bachelor's degree in communication arts Jerry appreciated the academic services that helped being a student-athlete easier claiming, "Another asset was that the professors and administrators were always accessible. If you needed some academic help, it was always available."

Some of Jerry's fondest moments of his basketball career at Xavier were that he was able to play against some of the toughest completion and top players in the country, not to mention his own teammates which he calls, "a great bunch of guys!" Since he has retired he is able to attend some basketball games and other events and has seen some of his former teammates and share laughs about the "old times".

Jerry describes that athletics aided him on and off the court. "I believe that athletics and life have amazing similarities. To be successful in both, you need to be focused, disciplined, competitive, goal oriented, play as a team, and learn how to win and handle defeat."

Jerry demonstrates this with his 31 year career working in the automobile industry for Ford and Nissan North America until he retired in 2006 as the National Vice President of the Parts and Service Division for Nissan North America. Now living in Springfield, Ohio with his wife Traci, Jerry spends his time coaching and with his family.

When asked why he donates to the All For One Club, Jerry recognizes that it takes a lot to keep not only basketball, but all athletic programs running: "To have a successful athletic program, it takes two things: Quality people and quality facilities. I support the All For One Club because it drives both of these goals."