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SPMG 141 First-Year Student-Athlete Class
Xavier Athletics offers a course called "Issues Affecting Student-Athletes" to all first-year student-athletes during their fall semester.  The course is a one credit hour elective designed to help aid first-year student-athletes in their transition to college.  The course covers a range of topics such as foundations of a liberal education, health and wellness, performance nutrition, personal branding, and time management skills.  Xavier student-athletes enjoy taking this course as they establish connections with other student-athletes, discuss topics of particular interest to their student population, and connect with important campus resources.  

Xavier Pro Series
With a 97% Graduation Success Rate, 11th best in the country, Xavier student-athletes are entering the work force each year. The Xavier Pro Series was created in 2011 to help our college student-athletes transition from being college students to full-time professionals.   

The program partners with Xavier's office of Career Services, the Williams College of Business, and local companies to offer information sessions, professional panels, and workshops. Events include but are not limited to résumé and cover letter workshops, graduate school informational sessions, professional networking programs and more.    

The Xavier Pro Series is instrumental in helping Xavier student-athletes become successful professionals following their undergraduate experience.

Speaker Series
Xavier University's Athletic Department brings in guest speakers annually to discuss pertinent topics to the student-athlete population.  Topics include but are not limited to goal setting, motivation and achievement, student-athlete transferrable skills, healthy relationships, and character attributes for success.  Many guest speakers are former or current collegiate and professional athletes.  Student-athletes have the opportunity to engage with the speakers and learn about ways in which they can maximize their student-athlete experience at Xavier. 

Leadership Conferences
Each year Xavier student-athletes are selected to participate in leadership conferences across the country.  Recent conferences have included the annual Atlantic 10 SAAC Conference, NCAA Careers Sports Forum, and the APPLE Conference on student-athlete wellness and substance abuse prevention.  The office of Student-Athlete Academic Support Services tries to facilitate as many leadership conference opportunities for interested student-athletes as possible.    

Women's Group
Xavier's office of Student-Athlete Academic Support Services partners with the McGrath Health and Counseling Center to offer an optional women's group for female student-athletes.  The group is designed to create a support network for females.  Group members discuss topics relevant to the female student-athlete experience such as healthy relationships, stress management, and leadership.