Xavier University Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

"The working philosophy of the Xavier University Strength and Conditioning program places a great emphasis on the overall athletic development of each student-athlete through multi-faceted training protocols and modalities that are orthopedically safe and physiologically sound. The design, organization, implementation, administration, and evaluation of each individual and team training session is geared towards generating a winning attitude by promoting mental and physical toughness, emphasizing consistent effort and intensity, and creating a desire to never get out-worked by our opponents. The ultimate goal of the strength training program focuses on preventing injuries and producing athletes by providing a comprehensive strength, conditioning, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, and nutritional plan of attack so that our student-athletes may have success both in the arena of competition and in the walk of life. "

Matt Jennings
Strength & Conditioning Head Coach
Xavier University
Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (S.C.C.C.)