Donation and Autograph Request Policy

The Xavier University Department of Athletics (Xavier Athletics) prides itself on being a contributing member of the Greater Cincinnati Community. We are happy to support our neighbors through donating to "not-for-profit" organizations throughout the year.

Donation Request Policies

  • All requests for donations and autographs from Xavier Athletics (including Xavier Basketball and Ticket Office) must be submitted via


    Xavier Athletics will NOT support the following
    - High Schools, Preparatory Schools or Two-Year College Institutions (NCAA Bylaw 13.15 - see below).
    - Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, national origin or otherwise.
    - Individuals.
    - Organizations or programs designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office.
    - Organizations that do not adhere to NCAA rules and regulations.
    - For-profit entities.

  • All organizations receiving donations/autographs from Xavier Athletics must be registered as a 501c(3) charity or "not-for-profit" entity.
  • Donations and autographs from Xavier Athletics, or the proceeds generated from such donations, cannot be used to fundraise for high schools, high school organizations (e.g., Science Club, yearbook, etc.), or if the high school is raising the funds for a charity or educational project. (Please note that a high school is defined as grades 9-12). In addition, Xavier donated items cannot be used to fundraise for high school or college scholarships or scholarship program.
  • All other Xavier University department donations (not from athletics) to high schools, two-year colleges or non-profit organizations must go to the institution's or organization's general fund and documentation must be provided stating where the funds generated from the donation are placed.

    Donated Items

  • Items donated by Xavier Athletics shall not be loaned, donated, sold or otherwise transferred to a high school, prep school or junior college; including (1) any staff member of such an institution, (2) any booster organization of such an institution, or (3) any parent, guardian or sibling of a prospective student-athlete.
  • All money derived from the item/autograph must go directly to the organization submitting the request.
  • Items/autographs donated by Xavier Athletics shall not be sold, auctioned or traded without the expressed written consent of Xavier Athletics.
  • Xavier Athletics reserves the right to request the return of any item.
  • Xavier Athletics does not fulfill requests for student-athlete autographs.
  • Specific items may be requested; however Xavier Athletics can not guarantee the requested items.
  • Xavier Athletics does not provide balls to be autographed. If your request for an autographed ball is approved, arrangements must be made to drop off and pick up a ball.


  • Due to the high demand for donations/autographs, organizations and charities are limited to one (1) donation/autograph per year (January- December).
  • Completion of a request does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled.
  • All requests will be fulfilled based on recommendations from Xavier Athletics, and availability.
  • Past donations made by Xavier Athletics do not guarantee future donations.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for the item to be received.
  • A completed donation response form (sent with the item) must be returned to Xavier Athletics following the event for future consideration.

    By clicking submit, you are acknowledging your understanding and agreement to comply with the policies stated above.