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Student-athletes at Xavier University take just as many classes as the average Xavier student, but because of their athletic commitments, they often have less time to study. Nevertheless, Xavier student-athletes don't need to settle for mediocre grades. They are expected to be achievers in the classroom. They do it by organization, discipline, and developing their academic skills. The most important element in academic success at Xavier University is not high school grades or ACT/SAT scores but motivation, which comes from a desire to succeed and from pride and self-confidence in one's abilities. Work and self-belief are the means for turning the desire for academic success into actual achievement.

Conotan Learning Commons

Xavier's office of Student-Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS) is located on the fifth floor of the Conotan Learning Commons. The CLC is the primary academic resource building on campus. Within the CLC student-athletes have access to their academic advisors, a student-athlete learning lab, study tables rooms, and individual study rooms. Conveniently, the CLC also houses the offices of Learning Assistance, Disability Services, Retention Services, and Career Services. Student-athletes are closely connected with these resources to help ensure their academic success.

Study Tables Program

Being a Division I college student-athlete is a huge commitment. While the structures of home and high school are gone, Xavier student-athletes must become sound managers of their time. The goals of the study tables program at Xavier are to aid in the student's transition to college, provide structure in time management to those who may need it, and enable student-athletes to be successful in their academics.

All first-year student-athletes must complete study tables hours during their first semester at Xavier. It is a two-hour requirement on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings in a monitored, classroom setting. Tutors are available during that time, and supplemental instruction sessions also count towards the requirement.

Student-athletes that achieve a 3.0 GPA in their first semester will no longer be required to complete study tables hours as long as their cumulative GPA stays at or above the 3.0 mark. First-year student-athletes who remain in the program will be on the same schedule as the fall semester during the spring academic term.

After the first year, study tables requirements are based on a student-athlete's cumulative GPA, and range from four to eight hours per week. The SAASS computer lab is open every day, and a structured evening option is available for those that need to complete study tables hours.

First-Year Study Tables
Fall & Spring (if necessary)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
7:00-9:00 7:00-9:00 SPMG 141 Class 7:00-9:00 7:00-9:00

Upperclassmen Study Tables

GPA Above 3.00 2.75-2.99 2.25-2.74 Below 2.25
Weekly Hours
No Mandatory
4 6 8

Professional Tutoring
The Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office employs nearly a dozen professional tutors each year. All of these tutors have professional degrees, and most are current or former teachers. Some are even professors at Xavier!

These tutors are extremely flexible in working with the time demands of Xavier's student-athlete population. Their expertise in anything from theology and philosophy, math, accounting and finance, foreign languages, and natural sciences is always just a phone call or email away.

After tutors are hired, they are given a Student-Athlete Tutoring Handbook and required to attend a training that covers NCAA rules and regulations and what tutoring behaviors are permissible and impermissible.

Learning Specialist
Xavier Athletics employs a professional learning specialist to work with some student-athletes that need extra assistance in time management, study skills, and organizational techniques. The learning specialist provides one-on-one attention to assigned student-athletes to help ensure their academic success.