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Visual identity plays an important role in shaping the image of Xavier University Department of Athletics. All uses of the XU marks must be approved by the appropriate area within athletic department.

For media use, please consult the athletics communications office. For advertising and promotion, please coordinate with the athletic marketing office. XU utilizes Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) to administer its licensing program.

All uses of the XU marks must be approved by the appropriate area within the XU Athletics Department.

Media Use
Contact: Tom Eiser
(513) 745-3124 |

Advertising & Promotions
Contact: Brian Hicks
(513) 745-3604 |

Licensed Products
Contact: Brian Hicks
(513) 745-3604 |

The official colors for the Xavier University Musketeers are Xavier Blue (PMS 289), Silver Metallic (877), Silver Gray (422), and White.

The name of the institution is Xavier University. The designation "University of Xavier", "Xavier of Ohio", "St. Xavier College" is incorrect. The initials XU or X may be used as a secondary reference.

The official nickname of XU athletics teams is the Xavier Musketeers. To use as an adjective, the nickname becomes singular: "Musketeer Basketball," not "Musketeers Basketball." The nickname "Muskies" is not preferred and is not officially recognized by the Department.

Retired Logos
These past XU logos have been retired. Please contact the XU Licensing Department at (513) 745-3604 to provide information on current use.

A trademark licensing program gives the University control over its logos and marks, thus, ensuring the quality and consistency of all of the University's merchandise. Please view XU Licensing online or call (513) 745-3604.

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