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The X-treme Fans Organization is committed to enhancing the student body's experience with athletic events on and off campus. Our primary goal is to support our student-athletes by getting the Xavier student body engaged at sporting events.

X-treme Fans is an organization of students comprised of a Board of Directors along with an executive committee who are dedicated to organizing student-driven events and promotions to help encourage the student body to attend and cheer on student-athletes at games. The Board creates and promotes special events and the efforts of the athletic department throughout the year. While we acknowledge sports do not form the University's entire identity, we believe that involvement at athletic events can supplement a student's college experience. To become an "X-treme fan" is simple. Just come to a game with your current student ID and as you enter your banner number will be added to our database. It's FREE to join for all full-time undergraduate Xavier students, making X-treme Fans the largest club/organization on campus! All home regular season athletic events held on campus are FREE to attend for full-time undergraduate Xavier students. For all men's soccer, women's soccer, volleyball, baseball and women's basketball games simply bring your student ID to the game. There is an online reservation process for men's basketball that is explained in more detail on the men's basketball ticket page.

2013-14 Board Members
Thomas Edney (President), Tim Wilmes (Vice President), Joey Brosky (Secretary), Greg Bogan, Ian Borczon, Jessica Bannon, Jackie Meyer, Sydney Schubert, and Dan Bardach.

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Social Media Handles
Follow us on Twitter @XU_Xtreme_Fans or find us on Facebook (open group X-treme Fans)

X-Pulse Student Loyalty Rewards Program
X-pulse Student Loyalty Rewards Program is a new smartphone application that X-treme Fans is kicking-off with the start of the 2013-14 school year. Each student will be given points for attending sporting events and checking-in through the application that is a free downloadable app on your iOS or DROID device.  Students will receive prizes for the different levels of attendance, and can also access the schedules, receive notifications, and will be able to see their points compared to other attendees.

To check out the X-Pulse Rewards Program please click HERE.