2014-15 Student/Faculty Parking Advisory

There are five evenings when classes are in session, both in the fall and spring semesters in which a men's basketball game is hosted in Cintas Center. On these evenings, alternate plans should be made in advance of the game night for where to park when arriving to campus. Lots around the Cintas Center (Husman, C1, C2-C4, Flynn Hall, and Campus Services lots) will be closed off at least two hours prior to the scheduled tipoff time.These dates/times are as follows:

  • Tuesday, November 18 - vs. Long Beach State at 7 PM
  • Friday, November 21 - vs. Stephen F. Austin at 8 PM
  • Monday, November 24 - vs. Murray State at 7 PM
  • Tuesday, December 9 - vs. IUPUI at 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, February 4 - vs. Creighton at 9 PM

We highly recommend allowing additional time in order to get to your classes on these evenings if your class begins after 4 p.m. Suggestions for Students and Faculty having classes in the following areas:

On Campus Class Locations

Suggested Alternative Parking

AB Cohen Center

Un-numbered spaces in C3 and R3 (very limited),  McGrath Health Center and I Lots on Cleneay Ave,  Norwood Plaza (roped off section to the east of C4)

Main Academic Mall

(Including Alter Hall, Hailstones Hall, Smith Hall, Lindner Hall, etc.)

Smith Hall, Alumni Center, D,G, H Lots (Located south of Dana Ave and St. Francis Xavier Way) and A Lot (temporary lot in University Station off Dana Av)

Elet, Joseph, or Schmidt Fieldhouse

South Lot, Elet Lot, Sycamore Lot, Armory Lot, O'Conner Sport Center Lot

IMPORTANT:  We recommend you review and print off the map below for your reference and for clarification of the above lot locations.

Any changes or updates may be found at www.xavier.edu/parking

Thank you for your cooperation and GO MUSKETEERS!