P. Douglas O'Keefe Athletic Hall of Fame at Cintas Center

Hall of Fame Members

The Xavier University Athletic Hall of Fame is designed to honor former athletes of Xavier University who participated in an outstanding way in intercollegiate competition between Xavier University and other recognized schools. The record of these individuals while attending the University must have been so outstanding that there is no question as to their qualifying for the Hall of Fame. In the selection of these candidates, past records must be considered; also considered are the sportsmanship exhibited by the prospective candidates at the time they were students, and the overall character and citizenship displayed by the candidates, not only as students, but later in life as well.

To be eligible for candidacy in the Hall of Fame, an athlete must have given outstanding performances in one or more intercollegiate sports for Xavier; must have earned a degree or diploma from Xavier; must have been graduated five years or more before the date of his/her selection: and must have earned two letters in one sport or one letter in two or more sports. An athlete whose education was interrupted by death is also eligible for nomination.

It should be realized that there are other people who might be considered for the Hall of Fame but under special categories. One category makes membership available to coaches, athletic directors and other people who have been connected closely with the athletic program at Xavier University.

The second special category applies to student-athletes who, in the opinion of the Hall of Fame selection committee, brought tremendous honor and distinction to the University through their participation in regional, national and international competition. All student-athletes in this category must still fulfill the degree, sportsmanship, character and citizenship requirements in the standard category.

For additional information regarding nominations, please contact Tom Eiser via e-mail at eiser@xavier.edu or by phone at 800 344-4698, ext. 3124 (or 513 745-3124).