Ben Milroy, Sophomore


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Ben Milroy, a sophomore on the cross country team, sat down to answer some questions about the upcoming season. Milroy is one of the key returnees from a 2004 squad that finished third in the Atlantic 10 Conference, which was the best finish in the program's history. In this season's opening meet at Dayton, Milroy ran the 5K event in 16:55. Milroy and the Musketeers will be back in action on Saturday, September 10, in the Second Annual Xavier Invitational at Voice of America Park in West Chester.

Question - As one of the top returnees on this year's team, what are you expectations for this season?

Ben Milroy - Obviously coming off the success of last season our expectations for this season are high. I think we brought in a great recruiting class this year and we have a chance to have our best team in the program's history which is very exciting. One of the goals for a few of us on the men's side is to try to run a sub-25 in the 8K

Question - Following the success of the last season, how would you characterize the attitude of this year's team?

BM - With the success of last year's team, the general attitude of the team has changed and we have become more focused towards our goal. We realize that we can be successful with a lot of hard work and this change in attitude will help us because we want to continue to get better.

Question - Both the men's and women's cross country teams have performed great in the classroom, how important is it to perform well in and out of the classroom?

BM - Obviously we realize that by being a student-athlete at Xavier University our education is the number one priority. Being focused on running helps me to focus on school because I need to get all my work done in order to perform at a high level for me and my team.

Question - What is the most difficult part about being a student-athlete at Xavier?

BM - Running and school are both really big time commitments especially as I get further along in my major (mathematics). We are running more mileage in practice this year and my workload in the classroom has also increased. It is really hard to balance time and it takes a pretty good amount of self-discipline to be successful in both areas.