Student-Athletes Participate in Soles for Salud

Freshman Sam Conchuratt leads the way in collecting shoes

Freshman Sam Conchuratt leads the way in collecting shoes

April 15, 2010

CINCINNATI - When former Xavier swimmer Kali Chatham participated in XU’s alternative break trip to El Salvador in June 2009, she was witness to children running around in flip flops and sandals because they did not have sneakers to wear. She knew that something needed to be done in order to help these children receive sneakers they desperately needed. So when University of Arkansas for Medical Science proposed and then started Soles for Salud (Health) in August and September of 2009, Chatham knew this was something she wanted to get Xavier student-athletes involved with.

Soles for Salud’s mission is simple, “The main goal of Soles for Salud (Health) is to collect 200+ pairs of athletic shoes to distribute to the rural community of La Cieba, El Salvador and also to the local Latino community. Additional goals are to promote health advocacy and awareness for both local and international Latino communities”. The national campaign started its collection in February 2010 and made its way to Cincinnati in March. Chatham spread the word of this organization’s purpose and goals throughout the student-athlete community here at XU. Student-athletes from all sports started donating old sneakers that they no longer needed, some even took it a step further by getting the entire Xavier community involved, going door-to-door in the dorms and apartments to see if any students had shoes to donate.

The entire Xavier community has collected over 200 pairs of sneakers, which was Soles for Salud’s original goal. Here at XU, the student-athletes are still collecting sneakers and plan to continue their mission. They have hopes that in the fall when they collect shoes again it will be a community effort, not just within Xavier, but for the whole surrounding area. If you would like to learn more about Soles for Salud, you can become a fan of the organization on facebook or connect with them at