Xavier Student-Athletes Host Field Day for AWL Students

Students from the Academy of World Languages visited Xavier's campus for a field day on Friday.

Students from the Academy of World Languages visited Xavier's campus for a field day on Friday.

April 12, 2013

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CINCINNATI - On Friday, April 12th a group of Xavier student-athletes hosted their adopted classes from the Academy of World Languages (AWL) elementary school for a visit to Xavier's campus. The AWL students had the opportunity to take a campus tour and participate in field day activities led by the student-athletes. The campus visit was a part of the Adopt A Class program.

The Adopt A Class program is an area non-profit mentoring program designed to facilitate personal, sustained connections between members of the Cincinnati community and students enrolled prekindergarten through 8th grades. Found specifically within Title I schools, Adopt A Class helps establish mentor relationships with the purpose of providing positive role models, developing practical social skills for the students, and building the culture of philanthropy and teamwork for the community. The Xavier student-athletes have participated in Adopt A Class for the past two years and spend time with AWL students every month throughout the school year.

Each Xavier varsity team was represented at the event. AWL students learned athletic skills from the student-athletes and also learned about the importance of working hard in school in order to obtain access to college. Some events that took place were relay races, soccer passing and heading, basketball shooting, and baseball batting practice.

Andy Kaplan, Vice President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (Xavier's student-athlete leadership organization), led a campus tour and participated in soccer drills with the AWL students. "I think it was important for us to get them on campus," Kaplan said. "Helping the AWL students see higher education as a realistic goal for the future is an important byproduct of our service involvement. We want to be positive role models and hopefully show them that if they work hard enough in school, they too can attend college...maybe even Xavier."