Xavier Student-Athletes Volunteer at Adopted School

Xavier student-athletes volunteering at the AWL.

Xavier student-athletes volunteering at the AWL.

Jan. 30, 2014

CINCINNATI - Xavier student-athletes spent time on Friday volunteering at their adopted school, The Academy of World Languages (AWL). This year Xavier University's student-athletes have adopted three third-grade classrooms and a special-needs classroom at AWL. The student-athletes are involved in activities such as a pen pal program, subject tutoring and mentoring.

Nearly every team was represented at AWL this past week as the student-athletes led a new year's event for their adoptees. The student-athletes taught their adoptees about Xavier and the college experience, played bingo and provided the students with some fun gifts.

Xavier's newly elected Student Athlete Advisory Committee President, Matt Stainbrook, made time to volunteer at AWL before his flight to Providence on Friday.

"It is always a blast for me when I get a chance to meet people in the community and have fun with other student-athletes," Stainbrook commented. "Our adopted students are at an age where they look up to us to shape how they make decisions. I always try to remember this and be a positive example for them."