Xavier University Soccer Complex

Xavier University Soccer Complex

The Xavier University men's and women's soccer programs are preparing for their eighth full season in 2011 in the renovated Xavier University Soccer Complex, which boasts the recent installation of FieldTurf.

The Xavier Soccer Complex serves as the primary venue for the Musketeers' home matches as well as practices. It is also used by numerous local clubs and XU intramurals in the off-season.

FieldTurf was the originator of artificial surface systems which replicate the playing surfaces of natural grass, provide increased player comfort and safety. Unlike conventional artificial turf, FieldTurf uses a taller and more grass-like fiber to replicate the look, feel and playing characteristics of grass. These fibers have a proven track record of durability and yet they are soft with a very low abrasion index so an athlete will not get turf burn when they slide on the surface. The fibers are supported with FieldTurf's patented infill, which is a combination of cryogenic rubber (ground up athletic shoes and recycled tire rubber) and silica sand.

The XU Soccer Complex was once the home of the Xavier University football team which ceased competition in 1972.