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Xavier University Sexual Harassment Policy

Xavier University reaffirms its commitment to providing an environment for work and study free from sexual harassment. Accordingly, sexual harassment of students, faculty or staff of the University, or retaliation against individuals who have initiated inquiry or complaints, will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment and attempted sexual duress are actions considered to be unprofessional conduct.

The University has the responsibility for confronting sexual harassment in its environment. Therefore, the University also will not tolerate sexually harassing conduct against any member of the University community on University premises or at any other location where members of the University community are together because of activities that are assigned or sanctioned by the University. Complaints of sexual harassment given to the University by students and employees regarding unwanted sexual acts by other Xavier students and employees, whether incidents occurred on or off campus, are subject to this policy.

Sexual harassment of any member of the Xavier community is prohibited. Sexual harassment by supervisors and managers is prohibited. Sexual harassment by students against other students and employees against other employees is also prohibited. Further, independent contractors, vendors or others who do business with the University are expected to ensure compliance with this policy, and the University will take appropriate action against infractions.